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European Identity Debate: Yuriy ANDRUKHOVYCH

43091 08What are roots of European identity? What does European identity mean today and how is it related to European integration? How can the Council of Europe help foster positive European identities?

Yuriy ANDRUKHOVYCH, Ukrainian novelist and poet, co-author of "My Europe", introduced the second session of Debates on European Identity with a presentation on "Europe: Culture at the Edge of the World, or who are the losers?" on Tuesday 9 April 2013.

Organised by the Council of Europe and École Nationale d'Administration (ENA), the debates on European Identity invite eminent personalities from politics, civil society and academia to examine current thinking and dynamics behind the concept of European identity. Those conferences provide a conceptual basis to explore the ways in which the Council of Europe and ENA can contribute to building constructive European identities and to promoting integration through their activities.

Click on this pdflink to access the speech "Europe: Culture at the Edge of the World, or who are the losers?" by Yuriy ANDRUKHOVYCH.

Watch the video of the conference:



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