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La revue permanente des professionnels de l’Europe

Q&A: What will happen on June 24 if the UK votes for Brexit?

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There have been a lot of projections from both sides in the EU referendum campaign about what a Britain outside the EU would look like. Many of them are looking at the longer term. But what would actually happen, on June 24, the day after the referendum, if the British public voted to leave the EU? In this extract from the second episode of The Anthill, a podcast from The Conversation UK, our education and society editor Gemma Ware talks to Anand Menon, professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London and director of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative.

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La question migratoire au cœur du référendum sur le «Brexit»

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Au cours des dernières semaines, l’immigration est revenue au centre du débat pour ou contre le Brexit outre-Manche. Si la problématique n’est pas nouvelle (la plupart des partis anti-européens sont également anti-immigration), elle semble toutefois avoir gagné une audience médiatique, certains annonçant même qu’elle sera la clé du résultat du scrutin de ce jeudi. Alors que les conséquences d’un Brexit sur la politique migratoire britannique demeurent incertaines, le débat révèle toutefois les tensions actuelles autour de la libre circulation en Europe.

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Love it or leave it: why the U.K.’s Brexit vote should matter to Americans

6985104531 89408b1a11 oOn June 23, citizens of the United Kingdom will go to the polls to vote on whether their country will remain a member of the European Union. While the outcome will have the greatest impact on residents of Europe, it will also affect the U.S. as well. And with the latest polls putting the “leave” campaign ahead of those for remaining in the EU, it’s essential that Americans understand just what’s at stake if a “Brexit” were to occur – and why we’re having this debate in the first place. As a scholar of international business who views European integration as a successful, albeit messy, experiment in peace-building, I appreciate the frustration many in the U.K. have with the way the EU sometimes operates. But is that enough to justify leaving it?

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What would Brexit mean for British farms?

16453771911 0e5f0ed91b b 2The possibility of Britain leaving the European Union raises all kinds of uncertainties. So when I sat down with a with a group of fellow academics to think about what it would mean for agriculture, we expected some surprises. We did not, however, realise just how complex and uncertain a picture we would produce. UK farmers rely on subsidies from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and have significant export markets in Europe which also influence domestic prices. For the consumer, however, the CAP pushes up food prices, due to tariffs applied to imports from outside the EU. The National Farmers Union favours remaining within the EU, but a substantial number of farmers want to leave over concerns about what they perceive to be excessive regulation.

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